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I am an Interface, Experience and Visual Designer, with a proven track record of directing and designing high profile, industry leading, innovative desktop and mobile applications. My focus and skills include design direction, user interface design, user experience design, visual design, iOS design, web design, graphic design, and animation. Vast experience with client and stakeholder relationships, along with project management, leadership and strategy. My portfolio of works have ranged from business to business,  e-discovery,  education, energy, entertainment, enterprise software, healthcare, media, music, amateur and professional sports, retail, SaaS, television and tourism.

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Animation Top 100, CSS-Design, CSS Light, CSS Reel, CSS Winner, French Design Index
LegalTech Innovation Winner, NBCi Winner, SXSW Winner, USA Today Site of the Day, Yorkshire Design

Client Testimonials

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"Hiring Joseph Herron is one of the best investments our small business has made, period.  For years our business has struggled with a consistent brand and a cohesive image to best represent our service.  I can honestly say that Joe made the process of remodeling our brand and building our website from ground up easy.  I could not have been happier with the service, his dedication to this project, and his attention to detail.  Most importantly, I am absolutely ecstatic about the product.  There is no doubt in my mind this has been the best business decision our company has made and Joseph Herron Design comes highly recommended.  We have already begun to experience the benefits of his work with increased inquiries and sales."

-David Kleba, President - mobileMIX Entertainment


 "Joe worked on numerous projects for iKnowthat.com, including web design, UI design, animation and development of marketing initiatives.  He is a consummate professional.  His work is creative, original and always of high quality. Joe understands and appreciates the aesthetic and financial considerations of every project. Consequently, his work always met our expectations and delighted our customers."

-William Forde, CEO - iKnowthat.com


"Joe has been instrumental in deigning the right UI and user experience for our iPad app.  Ringtail users should recognize their data as uniquely Ringtail, but not require training on a new UI.  Enter iOS – and Joe’s expertise in translating the iOS user experience to the Ringtail world.  Our app is absolutely stunning visually, especially when compared to the Relativity iPad app. Ours is clean and fluid, easily recognizable as Ringtail, but as simple as any native iOS utility.  Joe has been a great addition to our team."

-Kristi Icaza, Director - FTI Consulting


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Herron for all his great work he performed during the development and branding of our new company website. He used all his professionalism, knowledge and experience in this field, to make it a rewarding experience. I’m totally satisfied with all the great work he did and will be more than happy to recommend his services to anyone in need."

-Carlos Vega, Owner - Aquarius Fishing


"As our non profit swim club organization continued to grow, the governing board recognized the need for a professional website design.  We were very fortunate to come across the services of Joseph Herron. From start to finish he provided us with a highly personalized experience in a very timely manner. The new web design does not resemble a template format, but is completely customized.  The website is modern, easy to navigate, and serves both current and new members looking to join our club.    Besides the website, Joe provided FAST with branding through a new logo design that best represented our team.  FAST is extremely grateful for Joe's excellent services and creative innovations."

-Eva Tiskus, President - FAST


"Joe is a very talented individual who played a key role on our healthcare, web application project.   He exemplified an obvious passion for UI/UX design and his experience gives him a level of knowledge that helped inform the decisions that were made on the project. Joe is very responsive to client needs and knows the sorts of questions that need to be asked in order to deliver an exceptional work product.  We were very happy with Joe and cannot have asked for more."

-Eliot Davilla, Manager of Operational Analytics - Kaiser Permanente


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